All Thermal Conductive Pads / Comparison

Our thermal gap fillers are available with and without adhesive tape and can be die cut to size upon request. Suitable for many electronics applications.

- Thermal conductivity from 1.7 ~ 11.0 W/mk
- Thickness from 0.30 ~ 15mm
- Silicone and non-silicone materials available

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Thermal Conductive Silicone Film / P3T Series

Super thin, thermally conductive silicone film with thermal conductivity up to 4.0w/mk. Due to its fibreglass re-enforcement the thermal conductive film provides durability in harsh environments and yet its softness, 45 Shore 00, ensures good contact with un-even surfaces of electronic components. 

- Non-electrically conductive
- Available with or without adhesive tape
- Thickness from 0.25 - 0.75mm


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Thermal Non-Silicone Film / SFT Series

Our thermally conductive non-silicone film is suitable where there are concerns about the use of silicone. Our thermally conductive non-silicone films use a ceramic filled polyurethane. Can be supplied die-cut to a customer's specification.

- Thermal conductivity up to 6.0 w/mk
- Available with one side adhesive
- Good electrical insulation properties


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