Thermally Conductive Materials
Phase Change Pad

Bridging the gap between a thermal paste and solid filler pad a phase change material is an ideal material. At room temperature it is a solid filler pad but when its transition temperature is reached it softens or melts and behaves more like a paste/grease.

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Thermal Adhesive Tapes

Wide variety of high performance thermal conductive tapes, with thicknesses from 0.05mm and thermal conductivity up to 2.50 W/mk. UL-94 V-0 versions available.

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Thermal Conductive Films

Super thin thermally conductive films with thermal conductivity up to 6.0w/mk. Silicone and non-silicone materials available. Can be supplied to custom shapes subject to MOQ.

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Thermal Grease & Paste

Our thermally conductive materials are available in a wide range of thermal conductivity from 2.0-10.0W/mk. We offer both silicone and silicone free thermal conductive solutions. Suitable for many electronic applications such as CPU, GPU, LED etc.

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Thermal Pads - Non-silicone

Our thermal gap fillers can be die cut to size upon request. Suited for many electronic applications. 

Thickness: 0.3 - 10.0mm.
Hardness: 60-75 Shore 00.
Thermal Conductivity: 1.5-6.0w/mk. 

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Thermal Pads - Silicone

Our thermal gap fillers are available with or without adhesive tape and can be die cut to size upon request. Suitable for many electronic applications.

- Thermal conductivity from 1.7 ~ 11.0 w/mk.
- Thickness from 0.3 ~ 15mm.
- Hardness: 15-80 Shore 00.

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Thermal Putty

Our silicone thermal putty is highly conformable and ideal for filling irregular gaps and large gap tolerances. It is easily re-workable and easy to handle which gives the material an advantage over traditional grease and paste.

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