Thermal Conductive Putty / WTP Series

The WTP thermal conductive putty is a silicone based material that is highly conformable and fills irregular gaps and large tolerances. It can be used with automatic dispensing equipment to improve efficiency. An advantage of the thermal conductive putty is that it is re-workable and reusable, thus reduces waste.

Part Number Thermal Cond.
Specific Heat
Specific Gravitiy
Specific Volume
Resistance (Ohm cm)
Temp Range C Colour Datasheet
TGP-600 6.0 - 2.6 0.13 @ 10 psi 0 ~ 120 Grey Download
TGP-700 7.0 - 2.7 0.07@ 10 psi 0 ~ 120 Grey Download

All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed. It is recommended to test in application for suitability.