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Thermal Non-Silicone Film / SFT Series

Our thermally conductive non-silicone film is suitable where there are concerns about the use of Silicone. Our thermally conductive non-silicone films use a ceramic filled polyurethane. They have a high thermal conductivity with good electrical insulation properties. Available with one side adhesive coating. Can be supplied die-cut to a customers specification.

Part Number Thermal Cond.(W/m-K) Thermal Impedance (°C*cm2/W) Thickness
Sheet Size (mm) Adhesive One Side Adhesive One Side Datasheet
SFT80-0.15 1.8 73 0.12 2.26 250 x 225 No No Download
SFT80-0.15-T1 1.8 73 0.15 2.26 250 x 225 Yes Yes Download
SFT90-0.15 6.0 33 0.12 1.46 250 x 225 No No Download
SFT90-0.15-T1 6.0 33 0.15 1.46 250 x 225 Yes Yes Download

All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed. It is recommended to test in application for suitability.