Phase Change Pad - Silicone based / MPC Series

Bridging the gap between a thermal paste and solid thermal filler pad, a phase change material is an ideal material. At room temperature the MPC250 is a solid filler pad but when its transition temperature is reached it softens or melts, and behaves more like a paste/grease.

The phase change pad is ideal to fill in any microscopic surface irregularities. It does not dry out, separate or settle and has good compressibility. Due to physical characteristics of the phase change material it is easier to handle than thermal paste/grease but still offers good thermal conductivity.

Can be supplied in custom sizes upon request.

Part Number Thickness
Material Type Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Resistance
((°C)-cm2/W 31mm sq @30psi)
Temperature (°C)
Range (°C)
Max Sheet
Size (mm)
Colour Colour Datasheet
MPC250-0.15 0.15 Silicone 2.5 0.016 45 ~ 55 -40~ +120 305x305 Grey Grey Download
MPC250-0.25 0.25 Silicone 2.5 0.025 45 ~ 55 -40 ~ +120 305x305 Grey Grey Download

All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed. It is recommended to test in application for suitability.