Comparison / Silicone Thermal Pads

Thermal pads are generally used to provide good heat transfer between heatsinks and electronic devices. Ideal for uneven surfaces they soften at high temperatures, filling irregular surfaces and eliminating air gaps. Thermal gap fillers extend life span of components and prevent electrical fires.

- Custom sizes and shapes available.
- Thickness: 0.3 - 15.0mm
- Hardness: Up to 90 Shore 00
- Thermal Conductivity: Up to 12.0W/mk

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High Performance Thermal Pad / WGCF20 Series

The carbon fibre based thermal filler pad is ultra soft with excellent compression, enabling it to eliminate air gaps efficiently. In addition to this the material combines excellent durability, low density and very high thermal conductivity.

- Thermal conductivity: 20.0W/mk.
- Excellent flame retardance.
- Good flexibility and high compression ratio.
- Thickness: 0.40-20mm.

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