Thermal Conductive Grease / MSC Series

The MSC thermal grease has heavy concentration of high heat conductive metal oxides and fillers. It is used as an effective heat conducting agent acting between electronic parts and heat sink devices. It is ideal for filling micro gaps.

- Thermal conductivity: 3.2 W/mK
- Low thermal resistance.
- High performance.
- Easy to apply.

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Thermal Conductive Paste / DP Series

The DP series of thermal paste is ideal for eliminating air gaps between a heat source and a heatsink. The molecular structure of the DP thermal paste prevents leakage and vaporisation, ensuring long term reliability.

- Electrically Isolating
- Thermal Conductivity: up to 6.50W/mk
- Silicone Based
- Low rebound reduces load on electronic components.
- Compresses easily, absorbing dimensional tolerances.

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