Thermal Conductive Grease / MSC Series

The thermal grease is an effective heat conducting agent acting between electronic parts and heat dissipation devices for a long time.

- General purpose thermal grease
- Thermal conductivity: 3.2 W/mK
- Suitable for LED, CPU & LED applications

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Thermal Conductive Paste / DP Series

The DP series of thermal paste is ideal for eliminating air gaps between a heat source and a heatsink. The molecular structure of the DP thermal paste prevents leakage and vaporisation, ensuring long term reliability.

- Electrically Isolating
- Silicone Based
- Thermal Conductivity: up to 6.50 W/mk

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Thermal Conductive Paste / KTP Series

The KTP thermal paste is a ceramic filled component with a high thermal conductivity. The non-cross linked compounds do not dry out. The silicone components do not leak from the compound.

- High performance thermal grease
- Thermal Conductivity up to 10 W/mK
- KTP-12 is Silicone Free

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