Thermal Conductive Film / P3T Series

Super thin, thermally conductive silicone film with thermal conductivity up to 4.0w/mk. Due to its fibreglass re-enforcement the thermal conductive film provides durability in harsh environments and yet its softness, 45 Shore 00, ensures good contact with un-even surfaces of electronic components.

- Non-electrically conductive
- Available with or without adhesive tape
- Thickness from 0.25 - 0.75mm.
- Halogen free.

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Thermal Conductive Film / SFT Series

Our thermally conductive non-silicone film is suitable where there are concerns about the use of silicone. Our thermally conductive non-silicone films use a ceramic filled polyurethane. Can be supplied die-cut to a customers specification.

- Thermal conductivity up to 6.0 w/mk
- Available with one side adhesive
- Good electrical insulation properties

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Thermal Conductive Films / W2TR Series

Silicone based thermal conductive film with thermal conductive filler and fibreglass. The exceptional conformity of these conductive films enables them to fit uneven surfaces, and transfer heat away from individual components or entire circuit boards.

- Halogen Free.
- Available with or without adhesive backing. 
- Thickness from 0.23-0.45mm.
- Thermal conductivity: up to 1.3W/mk. 

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