Thermal Tape / TH Series

The TH thermal adhesive tape is a high performance thermally conductive acrylic adhesive. Its extremely high thermal conductivity allows the thermal tape to be used as a replacement for thermal filler pads or thermal grease.


- Thermal Conductivity: 2.5W/mk
- Low thermal impedance
- Double sided pressure sensitive adhesive.
- High bond strength to variety of surfaces.
- Custom sizes can be supplied. 

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Thermal Tapes / FCT73 Series

The FCT73 series of thermally conductive tape has varying thicknesses from 0.05-0.3mm. The structure allows it to flatten and fill uneven surfaces. When the thermal tape is applied it conducts heat away from sensitive components.

- Fibreglass and non-fibreglass options available.
- Electrically isolating.
- Silicone and halogen free.
- Available in custom sheet and roll sizes.
- Thermal Conductivity: 1.0w/mk.

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