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Phase Change Pad - Non Silicone / APC Series

The AMEC Thermasol APC series of Phase Change Material consists of a thin Aluminium film with one side coated with a thermal phase change layer. It is extremely thin yet with a good thermal conductivity of 3.4W/mk. During warm up the phase change pad softens and moulds itself to the mating surface, thereby expelling any air filling any roughness and unevenness, even at low pressures. This series is Silicone free.

Due to the physical characteristics of phase change material it is easier to handle and process than paste or grease and yet still offers good thermal conductivity with low thermal resistance.

Can be supplied in sheets, rolls or die cut to customers specification.

Part Number Thickness
Material Type Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Resistance
((°C)-cm2/W 31mm sq @150psi)
Temperature (°C)
Range (°C)
Max Sheet
Size (mm)
Colour Colour Datasheet
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