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Adhesive Tapes

A wide variety of high performance thermal adhesive, transfer tapes, with thicknesses from 0.05mm and thermal conductivity up to 2.50 W/mk. UL-94 V-0 version available.

Artificial Graphite

High Thermal Conductivity Artificial Graphite Sheet. Ultra high thermal conductivity. Ultra-thin. Excellent flexibility.

Filler Pads & Films

A wide range of silicone & non-silicone electrically isolating thermally conductive filler pads and films with thermal conductivity up to 11W/mk; thickness’s from 0.1mm up to 18mm; hardness from 20 Shore 00. A silicone free Film with thermal conductivity up to 6W/mk is also available.

Grease and Paste

Our thermally conductive pastes are available in a wide range of thermal conductivity from 3.2-10.0W/mk. We offer both silicone and silicone free thermal conductive paste. Suitable for many electronic applications such as CPU, GPU, LED etc. 

Phase Change Pad

Bridging the gap between a Thermal Paste and Solid filler pad a phase change material is an ideal material. At room temperature it is a solid filler pad but when its transition temperature is reached it softens or melts and behaves more like a paste/grease. 

Thermagraph Materials

The thermagraph thermal interface material is manufactured from a naturally occurring allatrope of Carbon it has very high thermal conductivity with high flexibility and available in roll or sheet form. The thermagraph thermal interface materials are excellent replacements for thermal greases, thermal pads and phase change materials.


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