Development of Microchannel Array

AMEC Thermasol have been working together with their customer Forced Physics in developing the microchannel array, which is the next generational electronic cooling solution. The microchannel array replaces traditional heat sinks with a smaller, light weight product with a more efficient building block factor. From a few watts to a few thousand, this scalable solution can meet any cooling requirements.

By combining Forced Physics unique technology with our MHP aluminium heat pipes, it increases the performance of the microchannel array significantly. This enables the array to perform without the need for air conditioning or liquid cooling. Thus associated costs of the digital interface are reduced, contributing to a more sustainable and affordable solution.

In fact the microchannel array achieves the same amount of cooling as a conventional heat sink over ten times its size. This is a game changer for server designs as the industry moves towards more powerful processors that need to operate in a smaller 1U configuration.

Please refer to the datasheet link for further information.