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Thermal Conductive Tape / TH Series

The TH Series of thermally conductive adhesive tapes possess extremely high 2.5W/mk Thermal Conductivity and low thermal impedance and yet maintain a high bonding strength.

The tape can be used to replace thermal filler pads, thermal grease with mechanical fixings. Applications include bonding Heat Sinks, Microprocessors, LED's, and other high power semiconductors.

- Thermal Conductivity 2.5 W/m-k
- High bond strength to a variety of surfaces.
- Double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape.
- High performance thermally conductive acrylic adhesive.

- Mounting heatsinks on BGA processor or drive processor.
- Mounting heat spreader onto PCB or onto motor control PCB.
- Can be used instead of heat cure adhesive, screw mounting or clip mounting.

Part Number Adhesive Type Continuous Use Temp Thickness Thickness Tolerance Voltage Breakdown Steel Adhesion
Thermal Impedance
TH-10NF Acrylic Adhesive -40C ~ 120C 0.1mm 0.02mm >3000 Vac 800 0.31Cin2/W Download
Part Number Thermal Conductivity Volume Resistivity Hardness Holding Power
(25�C / Hours)
Holding Power
(80�C / Hours)
TH-10NF 2.5W/m-K 1014(Ω.cm) 33 Shore A >48 Hours >48 Hours


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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