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Thermal Paste / TGP Series

TGP thermal compound is a silicone-based thermal grease made from a silicone fluid with thermally conductive material and metal oxide fillers. The product offers high thermal conductivity, virtually no wide operating bleed or evaporation over temperature range. TGP series has low viscosity and easy handling properties to comparable grease. So it easily coats the surface of the component. Especially it has superior wetting properties and so completely fills the microscopic surface of the component, resulting in very low thermal resistance. TGP series is an efficient thermal coupler, effective and positive heat sink sealers and heat transfer agent. TGP series is very stable at elevated temperature. It does not dry out, settle or harden. So it is superior reliable properties at temperature range.

Part Number Thermal Cond.
Specific Heat
Specific Gravitiy
Specific Volume
Resistance (Ohm cm)
Temp Range C Colour Datasheet
TGP-600 6.0 - 2.6 0.13 @ 10 psi 0 ~ 120 Grey Download
TGP-700 7.0 - 2.7 0.07@ 10 psi 0 ~ 120 Grey Download


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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